Technical interviews in the valley require a weird mindset.

Technical interviews in the valley require a weird mindset.


Update 2024-05-21

I have archived FizzBuzz Pro project for a while. I still have plans to repurpose it, but it’s not a priority right now. I’ll keep you posted when I start working on it again, or when I reuse some of its content and components in other projects.

In the video at the end of this post, I’m talking about FizzBuzz Pro—a sister project of Zero to Hero.

In the video, I’m outlining a high-level architecture of the login flow of the project, how it integrates with the Ghost content publishing platform as a membership provider, and how I’m going to proceed.

FizzBuzz Pro is a greenfield project, and as I continue developing and productizing it, I will be sharing the entire process with y’all with more videos and articles.

The video that I’m sharing here is a ~30min uncut recording: It’s as raw as it gets.

I wanted to share it in its entirety, before post-production, where I usually relentlessly cut out at least two-third of the video to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of it and provide as much value for the time you spend as I possibly can.

The High Level Overview

Here’s the high-level authentication and identity management architecture that I’ll be talking about (you can open the image in another tab for a higher-resolution version):

FizzBuzz Pro authentication high-level overview.

FizzBuzz Pro authentication high-level overview.

Video Discussion

So, without further ado, here goes the video.

Here’s a quick cut where I’m talking about FizzBuzz Pro in general:

A brief overview of FizzBuzz Pro.

And here’s the entire raw uncut video for your viewing pleasure:

FizzBuzz Pro High Level Design


On Keeping Things Simple

After recording the video, I’ve realized that maybe coupling Zero to Hero ( ghost) user accounts with the FizzBuzz Pro user accounts is not the best way to proceed.

The architecture I outlined above complicates things without providing any real business value. It’s better (and simpler, and easier to maintain) to keep * FizzBuzz Pro* as a separate service, and maybe provide a discounted enrollment option (using a zero-to-hero-generated discount coupon) to FizzBuzz Pro for the Zero to Hero premium members. To do that, we can create a separate premium-member-only page where they can copy a discount coupon.

I’ll update the diagram accordingly, create a follow-up articles, and also create another video that walks through the new login flow.

And until then, enjoy… And may the source be with you 🦄.