How to Work With Private Go Repositories

Private repositories, being private.

Private repositories, being private.


Go works seamlessly when the code that you are working with resides in public repositories. However, suppose you maintain your projects in private repositories. In that case, you need to tweak your environment a little to be able to work with your private Go modules.

In this lecture, you’ll learn:


Let’s jump right in:

How to work with private Go repositories.

Resources and Additional Reading

Bedtime Reading

Here are additional study material about some of the concepts that we’ve covered in this lecture:

Tools, Apps, and Services Mentioned

Here are the tools, apps, and services I’ve used or talked about in this lecture:


In this mini video, you’ve learned how to work with private Go modules and import from private repositories; and tag, export, and publish private Go repositories. In the additional resources section, we also briefly mentioned various Z-Shell startup files.


You can check out this Zero to Hero article about Z-Shell Startup Files for more information about the subject.

We’ll have more fun with Go in the upcoming videos and articles.

Until then… May the source be with you 🦄.