The New “Zero to Hero” Design

Update: 2024-05-21

After publishing this article, I did yet another brand-new overhaul of design based on Zola.

This also resulted in moving the blog from a managed Ghost instance to a self-hosted static site, which brought a lot of changes.

I am going to write a more detailed blog post about it soon. Stay tuned!

I’ve changed the design of this blog, emphasizing its current impromptu nature.

Until recently, my plan for Zero to Hero was to let it evolve into a learning management system. However, that resulted in me limiting the kinds of posts and articles I could put here and pushing me to create more long-form content.

While creating long-form content is beneficial, it’s also time-consuming; that’s why I felt friction opening up my content editor and just writing stuff down.

Now, I feel free. I can write anything and everything, and I can do it without needing a theme, a curriculum, or a target.

Per contra, the current design focuses more on the “blog” nature of “* Zero to Hero*.” From this point on, “Zero to Hero” is, and will be, a blog, not a course, not an LMS. It’s a blog that I can write however my mind pleases. Yes, it will be technical, but that doesn’t mean I won’t write ad-hoc, impromptu stuff.

Also, my posts will be of varying sizes, some short, some long, some longer, and some might be a book rather than a single post.

Here’s a snapshot of the current design for reference:

The new Zero to Hero

I’ll need to create new feature images for this new design for all the existing posts, but that’s okay. After all, I like what it looks like. And I’ll create more content faster, thanks to this new mindset, and that’s all that matters.

Until the next one… May the source be with you 🦄.

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