When Reality Fragments

In the here and now, the concept of completeness arises from the limitations of our conscious mind to distinguish the indivisible unity of matter. When completeness is fragmented, it ceases to exist as a whole.

Consequently, our actions and choices are crucial in determining our material success. Why does material success matter? Well, mainly because we are (material squirrels) living in a material world.

“Material squirrel”? srsly**?!

Well, that’s my neurotype playing word games as a means to keep my mind occupied. So be ready for other subtle word bombs, hidden secondary, and tertiary meanings, and finding more questions than answers. And if you don’t—at this very moment—I honestly and truthfully cannot care less. Though, I “may” care more, later… maybe.

I like words (more than the average Joe) and bending and twisting them. I like bending and twisting things, combining them, and re-using them in ways that are not necessarily meant to be—which, by definition, makes me a hacker.

There Is No Spoon

But, this braindump you are reading at the moment—while I’m letting my ideas flow without interruption—is not about the hacker’s mindset—I’ve have written about that in other places in depth, a lot—This is more fundamental, more to the core.

See, I often contemplate: Is finding purpose in any task possible, regardless of how seemingly insignificant it may appear? Can I infuse meaning into everything I do and be: in every aspect of my existence? What truly defines purpose?

Is it to be? Or to do? Or something in between in a harmonic, circular fashion ( which I sometimes call “do be do be do”)?

Well, “do be do be do” is not as goofy as it sounds because duality, and by that token oscillation, and by that token rotation, are the three fundamental invariants that define everything, life, and the universe.

Broken Is Beautiful

Even in the harshest times, I strive to maintain a realistic outlook, always seeking practical solutions and outcomes. Trying to be good with weird, trying to question the not-so-questionable.

The meaning of life may always remain a mystery, but I choose to live my life with sincerity, joy and being the best version of myself.

I believe this is all we can expect of ourselves as human beings. Like, we will never be a perfect sphere. Or, to put a positive spin on that, We will always be rough spheres, which is a beautiful thing to celebrate.

An Optimist Prime in the Land of Negatrons

When you interact with me, at times you may sense positivity, hope, and joy, as these emotions result from my realistic outlook on life—At other times, you may sense a know-it-all asshole — “rough sphere”—remember? :).

Sincerity… I do everything with sincerity and to the best of my ability. Is that the purpose? Well, maybe. Or is it the question we seek but are mistakenly trying to find the answer?

We forget the question while we search for the answer.

The Mirror

Happiness, hope, and joy are the things that I purposefully and intentionally radiate. So, if you ask me how I am, my answer will likely be, “I’ve never been better.”

Changing the Frame of Reference

However, those closest to us may see us with a clearer perspective than our own reflection.


For me, and this very moment—as it is “the moment” that matters—I have found a balance between realism and joy and a glimmer of the sense of purpose in my existence:

I have found closure.

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