Scaling Your Node.js API Like a Boss.

Scaling Your Node.js API Like a Boss.

This is a 90-minute tech talk that I’ve given several years ago.

Having seen that the patterns and practices I mentioned there still apply, I believe it’s still worthwhile to have it here.

It’s one thing to create a sample RESTful API using Node.js (maybe utilizing the cluster module to distribute the load), but it’s quite another to horizontally scale your architecture to hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections while trying to ensure redundancy and high availability.

Knowing how to scale is important, but more important than that is knowing when to scale. In this two-part tutorial, I will explore what it takes to create a real-life, scalable, highly available, and highly responsive Node.js application.

Here is the first part:

Here is the second part:

Enjoy… And until next time… May the source be with you 🦄.

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