Security Is Not Optional

All your base are belong to us.

All your base are belong to us.


No matter what you develop, application security, infrastructure security, and having proper authorization and authentication mechanisms are critical. The earlier you learn about them in your development career, the better. In addition, you should keep an eye on the latest public vulnerabilities and exploits to harden your apps and infrastructure.

Without adequately securing your apps and hardening the infrastructure that your apps are running on, you risk having vulnerabilities that will be exploited within a few minutes, if not seconds, as soon as your app is publicly available.

Here, you’ll find some bedtime reading to help you dive into the security rabbit hole.

Security Fundamentals

Books To Read

Authentication Schemes

Common Vulnerabilities

Checklists and Best Practices


Security, authentication, authorization, and identity federation are vast subjects. This article provided you with some links and pointers that you might want to read to drill down further; however, it’s by no means a definitive list. That said, after consuming the material here, you’ll have adequate knowledge to do your research and build upon what you have learned here.

That’s all for now. I’ll update this page and add more to the list as I see more tools, resources, and techniques.

Until next time… May the source be with you 🦄.

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