Don't see UX as a liability.

Don't see UX as a liability.

UX Design Matters a Lot

Knowing how and why the user thinks is essential. Knowing what makes the user “not think” and act instinctively can differentiate between a “good enough” product and a great product. Knowing how to design * usable*, consistent, coherent, and delightful interfaces that help the users achieve their goals is an essential skill that every developer needs to acquire.

If you are creating something—“anything”—that someone other than yourself uses, then user experience design is something that you have to know.

There are a lot of books and articles that you can find about the subject matter.

I’d read the following two for starters:

Those books are both quick reads and also are excellent resources to get you started. After reading them, Google is your friend… I’m sure you will find lots of quality books, articles, and tutorials about creating delightful user experiences.

Here are a few of those resources from my personal stash, for example:

Sources for UX Inspiration

Design and UX Books


Helpful UX Resources

On Product Design

Product Design Books

On Design Thinking

Design Thinking Books

On Defining the Problem

About Ideation

Ideation Books

On Interaction Design

Interaction Design Books

On Information Architecture

Information Architecture Books

On Design Systems

Design Systems Books

On Data Analytics

Data Analytics Books

On Sales and Marketing


User experience design is more than just creating pretty user interfaces. It involves design thinking, analytics, big data, information architecture, sociology, psychology, and even sales and marketing.

I hope the resources you find here will help you jumpstart your UI/UX journey.

And until next time… May the source be with you 🦄.

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