Communication is key.

Communication is key.

Welcome to the 26th issue of Zero to Hero Highlights.

Yes, you got me! This newsletter hasn’t been up to its “weekly” moniker. But hey, one can always hope, right 🙂? 🌼

Let me dive into the latest happenings since the last issue without further ado.

Hello to the SPIFFE Steering Committee 👋

I am thrilled to share that I’ve recently been chosen as a member of the [SPIFFE Steering Committee (SSC)][ssc.

What is the SSC, you ask? A team of dedicated volunteers drives the strategic direction and growth of all projects under the SPIFFE umbrella. This committed group is the only authority on everything SPIFFE-related. If you’d like to learn more about the role and mission of the SSC, please check out the SSC Charter.

I won’t sugarcoat it: It is a significant workload and responsibility. Yet, I’m humbled and buzzing to participate in this remarkable initiative.

A Practical Guide to Kubernetes 🚀

Another exciting endeavor I’ve started is A Practical Guide to Kubernetes.

Rest assured, I’ll be adding a veritable amount of information to this series, creating fresh content as time goes on. So, watch this index page for upcoming articles.

In A Practical Guide to Kubernetes, I aspire to provide a balanced approach to your learning journey, merging just enough theory with practical examples and use cases to solidify your understanding.

My life is a beautifully orchestrated chaos, a ballet of different tasks and projects swirling around me 🙂—So, I don’t have an exact timeline for completing this guide. Instead, it will progress at its own pace, and I trust you’ll enjoy every step of this adventure with me.

Talk SPIFFE to Me 💬

Update 2024-05-27

We paused TalkSPIFFE for a while. We might resume it in the future. SPIFFE already has its official community snyc-ups, and duplicating the effort didn’t make sense. We might revisit the idea in the future, but for now, it’s on hold.

TalkSPIFFE: coming to a live stream near you

TalkSPIFFE: coming to a live stream near you

Another exciting news on the horizon: Eli Nesterov and I are in the planning stages of a weekly half-hour (or longer, as things unfold) chat about SPIFFE and SPIRE.

We’ll be addressing questions and comments from the community and generally nerding out over all things SPIFFE.

We haven’t finalized the timing just yet, but stay tuned for a live stream coming your way soon!

Keep Your Secrets “Secret” with Aegis

Over the past few months, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into an extraordinary cloud-native project called Aegis, and let me tell you—it’s nothing short of a game-changer. It has received * tremendous* community support so far; [check out the testimonials on Aegis’ home page][aegis-endorsements] if you don’t believe me.

But what’s the buzz about Aegis, you ask? Aegis is a cloud-native, Kubernetes-first secrets manager. It seamlessly dispatches securely stored secrets to workloads whenever they are in need.

Aegis: Keep your secrets... secret.

Aegis: Keep your secrets... secret.

But wait, there’s more! Aegis not only embraces Kubernetes security primitives but also wields the power of SPIRE, along with robust, top-tier encryption. With these powerful allies at its side, it is a ground up re-imagination , solving the problem in a way that is congruent with the future of cloud computing.

And that’s not me who says that; it’s Evan—the-Zero-Trust—Gilman!

Secrets management is a relatively mature technology, however its role in the cloud native landscape has been dramatically evolving. Aegis is a ground-up re-imagination, solving the problem in a way that is congruent with the future of cloud computing.” —Evan Gilman, Author of Zero Trust Networks (O’Reilly), SPIRE core maintainer

So, what are you waiting for? Dive headfirst into Aegis. The water is chill, but you get used to it 🙂.

Screen Time Is Back! 🎥

Here’s another delight for you:

I’ve decided to breathe new life into my screencasts on Zero to Hero Twitch channel.

As with everything else in my wonderfully chaotic existence, the timing will vary. However, I promise to jump into it whenever I find a slice of time and an energy boost during Pacific afternoons and evenings.

Be there; I’d love to have your support and chatter.

Random Thought of the Week

Everyone has “that” teammate whose sole purpose of existence (you believe) is to test your patience.

You tried to motivate them to modify their behavior, but they are as obstinate as a goat. They never give in, never give up, and continue to annoy you.

Can you master embracing their imperfections without letting resentment seep into your heart?

Here are a few tips about how to make your life less of a living hell.

Ponder upon your ethos around forgiveness. Rediscover your values.

Are there situations that merit it, and what might they be? Do you place boundaries on how frequently you bestow forgiveness? Have you declared some actions as beyond redemption?

First, disentangle your feelings from your actions. Capture all the sentiments your co-worker stirs within you—disappointment, hostility, apprehension, and so forth. Then, mull over how these feelings have guided your actions.

Then, try to see the complete narrative. Withdraw from the fray and reconsider: Have you overlooked any factors? Could you be inadvertently adding fuel to the fire? Are you being unduly harsh?

Finally, try a new, fresh perspective about the situation and your colleague.

Finally, offer forgiveness and realign your approach. Make a deliberate decision to release your negative emotions towards your colleague.

Equally significant, set yourself free from any role you’ve assumed so far. People, for all sorts of reasons, can be, or can become different than their true selves.

In that case, embodying more grace, openness, and kindness will help a lot. Both to you, and to the other person.

We are just human after all.

Look What I’ve Found

Thanks a Lot ❤️

That’s all for this week. Next week, I’ll gather more unique content and resources.

So, until next time… May the source be with you 🦄.