Ghosted in a vortex?

Ghosted in a vortex?

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of Zero to Hero Highlights.

In the last few weeks, I’ve done a lot and created lots of valuable content too. Let me share some of the highlights.

Big Sur Was Awesome 🏔🌊🌲

First, some personal updates. We went to a Big Sur retreat as a family. It was something that we needed badly for so long.

Big Sur coastline.

Big Sur coastline.

There was zero technology, full of nature; no Internet, no 5G, even mobile phone was useless since there was zero reception mostly.

It’s definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Cleaner, Bolder Zero To Hero Re-Alignment

I’ve replaced anything redundant and came up with a clean paper white reading experience:

The new design.

The new design.

New Articles 👩‍🍳

I don’t know how, but I managed to develop three valuable articles in the last two weeks.

Setting Up SPIRE on EKS in Less Than Ten Minutes talks about things like Zero Trust and Identity Federation in detail, explains how SPIRE solves these problems at scale. There is also an 18-minute lecture that shows you how you can set up SPIRE on your Kubernetes cluster.

One Does Not Simply “Terminal” 👌 provides you a list of tools and utilities for those command-line aficionados out there. I’ll add more to the list when I find new cool stuff.

Last but not least, Be the Next Version of Yourself tells you how to be… well, the next version of yourself 🙂.

I have more articles and videos down the line, so stay tuned.

Random Thought of the Week

Ghosted? It happens to all of us. You get ghosted by a recruiter, or a manager, or a colleague, or even a friend.

Whether it’s a recruiter who switched to radio silence after extending an offer or a connection on a business network that stopped responding, you probably have professionally “ghosted” before. And if not, lucky you—but you will be ghosted sooner or later 🙂.

Instances of sudden silence can shatter your confidence. You will likely feel confused and rejected. Here are a few tips and tricks to follow up when you are ghosted.

Instead of feeling haunted by the silence, send a brief message and leave the door open for the other party to reconnect.

You can even ask whether they are interested in continuing the conversation further. An “I’d appreciate it if you let me know either way” can go a long distance.

It might be possible that you might have gone off their radar while they are working on some major issue with a critical deadline.

After you send the message, give it a few business days.

If you don’t hear back, the best course of action is to consider moving on. You have done all you can do after all.

I know that’s harder said than done, especially when a potential job offer or a career change is at stake. Yet, consider how badly you want to work for the other party if they don’t even have the courtesy to send a one-line reply to your question?

In fact, ghosting during the hiring process can indicate the company culture that you might want to avoid.

Look What I’ve Found

Here are the things that grabbed my attention this week.

I typically don’t share these anywhere else.

Exclusively hand-picked for you 👌. Enjoy.

Thanks a Lot ❤️

That’s all for this week. Next week, I’ll gather more unique content and resources.

So, until next time… May the source be with you 🦄.