How to Make Yourself Heard

How to Make Yourself Heard

Welcome to the ninth issue of Zero to Hero Highlights.

Last week, I was a bit swamped, so I skipped the weekly update. Yet, I made “* *a lot**” of progress in the meantime. Here, I’ll out line some of that progress.

Radio Zero to Hero

Update 2024-05-27

Radio Zero to Hero is no longer active. I’ve archived the project a while ago because keeping a stream alive without actually hosting the stream did not work well on Twitch. In addition, I was constantly using a lot of system resources and it was effecting the device’s life span.

For starters, we now have a music station that streams cool music for you to get in the zone non-stop 24/7 😀.

Radio Zero to Hero

Radio Zero to Hero

It even has a terminal aquarium 🐠 that you can watch all day—how nerd is that? 🙂.

Want to see it? Come join the fun and follow me on Twitch.

I listen to it instead of Spotify all day long. I have 1500+ (and increasing) tracks that I’ve curated and mixed personally. You’ll like it.

Aside from displaying ASCII fishes all day long, I also do real-time coding and screencasting there: It’s fun.

What’s on the Horizon 👩‍🍳

I’m planning to Create an EKS Cluster and deploy some of the services that we’ve created in the former live streams to that cluster.

Once I finish the code of some of these services, I will write articles about them too to dig into the architectural discussions I’ve gone through while designing them. Yet, before, I want to finalize and deploy a micro-services-driven app. I’d like that app to run in the cloud, on a * Kubernetes* cluster, as a MVP.

So there’s a lot of progress; however, not all the progress is on this site. If you follow me on Twitch, you’ll witness the progress closely.

Random Thought of the Week

Do you hold back in meetings? Are you unsure how to jump in and make yourself heard? Do you often go unnoticed when everyone is excited about a topic?

If yes, then I have a recommendation for you.

To make sure that you are heard, and your voice is in the mix, try claiming space:

Make everybody aware of your contribution before launching into the main point.

For example, instead of asking “Can we look at this problem from the customer’s standpoint?”, you can ease into the issue. Instead, you can ask something like “Can we pause for a moment, step back, and take a longer-term view of these metrics? I did some research, and here’s what I found…

👆This will capture your audience’s attention and position you as a knowledgeable person in your field.

Once you show that you have done your homework and know what you are talking about, you can better articulate your proposal. This way, people can have a sense of understanding of what you are suggesting before you get to the details.

Also, make sure to emphasize why your idea is essential. People in the room should know why they should care to prioritize this idea right now (among many other things that seem to be equally important).

Finally, don’t stay in the spotlight forever. Invite contribution and feedback by asking probing questions like

  • What do you think?”,
  • How many of you feel this way?”,
  • What are your thoughts, it’s not that crazy of an idea, is it?”.

This will allow people to think more deeply about what you’ve proposed, and you’ll have a chance to read the room and get a sense of how your message has been received so far.

Look What I’ve Found

Here are the things that grabbed my attention this week.

I typically don’t share these anywhere else.

Exclusively hand-picked for you 👌. Enjoy.

  • [TreeSheets is an open-source free-form data organizer—it’s like excel worksheets, but in a tree-like structure—get it? tree… sheets 🙂][treesheets].
  • [BlueMonday is an HTML sanitized written in Go—in case you need that kind of a thing][bluemonday].
  • [Counting is harder than it seems. In his article, Bruno outlines ways to safely count in Go][count].

[treesheets] : [bluemonday]: [count]:

Thanks a Lot ❤️

That’s all for this week. Next week, I’ll gather more unique content and resources.

So, until next time… May the source be with you 🦄.