Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does the Early Access Program cost?

I’m not accepting new enrollments to the Early Access Program for a while.

The reason I do that is because the Early Access community has reached a sweet spot, and I want to keep it small and cozy for a while.

Since the Early Access Program is on hold for now, its price does not matter 🙃—If I start accepting early access enrollments again, I’ll also update this page to reflect its new price.

Do I Get to Keep the Content After the EAP Ends?


Every video that I produce for this course is a part of the EAP until the course is finalized. You can watch the videos as soon as I publish them, and you’ll retain online access to them forever.

The same applies for the source code and other supplementary material that I make available throughout the course’s web page. Those are yours forever.

What do I get out of the Early Access Program?

See above.

Can I Use the Source Code for Educational Purposes?


Can I Sell the Source Code and Other Course Material?


“Bartender! Give me whatever this person is drinking!”

I am totally happy you improving yourself and using the course for your personal needs; however, there exist a demarcation line between fair use and umm… “not-so-fair” use 😃.

I trust the viewer of this course is clever to know the distinction; however, I’m legally obliged to clarify the terms, so here it goes:

You are allowed to use the content I provide to you under the terms of fair use as defined by the US Law.

Which essentially means: If you use it for yourself only, and if you are not making a profit out of it, I’m totally okay with however you use it.

If you have any concerns or questions send an email to

What else do I get?

After registering for the early access program, you will also get an invitation to its Spectrum workspace and will be able to chat with me and also other like minded learning enthusiasts.

There is also a live chat on the website that you can directly ask me questions whenever I am available.

Is this a subscription? Do I pay for it monthly?

No, it is a one-time payment.

How long do I keep the content? Is it subscription-based?

It is NOT a subscription plan: It is a one-off payment.

You can access the content forever.



Can I download the videos?

Not yet.

DRM-free downloadable videos will be available, after the course is finalized, as a part of a premium package.

Early Access Program subscribers will get a discount if they want to upgrade to that package.

What is the language of the course?


Do you want to translate it to another language?

Do you?

I can give you time-encoded subtitle files if you want to help.

Just send an email to

Do videos have subtitles?

All of the videos have English subtitles.

All of the videos have English transcripts too.

Before the course finalizes

If you want the lessons to be transcribed to your language, see above.

What is the resolution and quality of the videos?

They are 1920×1080 (FHD) screen casts with great video and audio quality.

I have other questions

I’d love to hear them: Send an email to

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