Don't miss the deer, go kiss the deer 🦌💋.

Don't miss the deer, go kiss the deer 🦌💋.

Hey There 👋

Hello, I’m Volkan.

I’m a developer, speaker, streamer, creator, connector, and writer.

I like tinkering with systems, and I’m not afraid to break stuff.

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Protection Shield Bolt Streamline Icon: I help people level up at Zero to Hero.

Video Game Logo Twitch Streamline Icon: I live-stream code on Twitch.

Roe Streamline Icon: I podcast at the Deer in the Valley.

Video Game Mario Turtle Streamline Icon: I mentor turtles at Kampus.

Instrument Piano Streamline Icon: I am an okayest pianist.

Linkedin Logo Streamline Icon: I am volkanozcelik on the “pro birdsite.

Twitter Logo Streamline Icon: I post technology rants on the birdiste.

Github Logo Streamline Icon: The source is strong at zerotohero-dev.


Currently, I’m a Senior Principal Engineer (Master) at Broadcom, reinventing Radio Access Networks as you know it.

Zero Trust, SPIFFE, and SPIRE

I am very active in the Zero-Trust security space. And, related to that, I am a chair at the SPIFFE Steering Committee, where I help drive the strategic direction and growth of all projects under the SPIFFE umbrella.

O-RAN Security Focus Group

I also contribute to the discussions of O-RAN Security Focus Group (WG-11) helping secure the future of mobile communication one protocol at a time.

Always Curious

As an engineer, I solve problems: The context, the origin, or the nature of the problems are orthogonal to the approaches I take in solving them.

I’m a big believer in asking questions.

It’s the curiosity that matters.

Ideas Matter

Since 2003, I have been all over the stack, as far as stack goes: I’ve created mobile, web, and desktop apps, played with SQL/NoSQL/GraphQL data stores, and more.

I’ve automated the deployment of microservices, played with serverless, Kubernetes, and service meshes. I’ve used real-time databases, streams, WebSockets, protocol buffers, lambda functions, and message queues. I’ve crafted solutions to improve the scalability and performance of distributed systems.

I’m pretty sure there’s much more to add to the list that I don’t remember right now.

Yet, that’s me in a nutshell: I’m a pragmatist nerd who gets $#!% done.

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